He holds a current medical license in California and, up until January 2020, in Florida.He is certified by the American Board of Pathology in anatomic . Long gone but not forgotten, the world continues to mourn Andy Griffith following his death in 2012. Featuring interviews with Narada Michael Walden, Houstons record producer, and Gary Catona, Houstons voice coach, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter re-opens the case and re-examines her autopsy to uncover new evidence. Anne is a freelance and travel writer who also loves writing about and binge-watching her favorite TV shows. Using information from Owen Hart's Autopsy Report, the Police Investigation, and firsthand accounts from Owen's wife and family, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter uncovers how this. But at 3.30pm on July 23rd 2011, she was found dead in the bedroom of her home in Camden, North London. While initial medical tests had inconclusive results, a laparoscopy performed at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in early November revealed a rare form of abdominal cancer belonging to a group of cancers known as pseudomyxoma peritonei. With the help of medical reports and first hand testimony from those who knew him well, world renowned Forensic Pathologist, Dr.Michael Hunter explores Randy's life story and 30 years in the pro-wrestling spotlight to uncover a shocking medical history in which Randy piled pressure after pressure on his increasingly battle-weary heart. The driving force behind Sonny & Cher, the pop duo and TV stars of the '60s and '70s, famously died in 1998 in what was determined to be a skiing accident. At the inquest, the coroner concluded she had died of alcohol poisoning. Now, renowned medical examiner and forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter is studying death investigation reports to uncover the cause of Bono's devastating fatal crash. Bono later left acting to become a restaurateur and was Mayor of Palm Springs from 1988-1992. The multi-faceted talent went on to nurture an acting career with bit parts as a guest performer in such television series as Fantasy Island, Charlie's Angels, The Love Boat, The Six Million Dollar Man and CHiPs. In September 1955, the twenty-four-year-old actor and figurehead of teen rebellion, James Dean died in a horrific car crash near Cholame in California. A string of lurid headlines documented a slide into self-destruction, which only ended with his untimely death, at the age of 53. An inquest concluded that his death was caused by a hypersensitive reaction to a prescription painkiller given to him for a headache. He died at the age of 91 of cardiac disease. Maurice Gibb was one third of global mega band, The Bee Gees. Michael Hunter is known for Autopsy: The Last Hours of (2014), The Riddle of the Crucifixion (2013) and Ok! But he died in London on the September 18, 1970. The stress of work led to Martins dependence on alcohol and later on opioid painkillers. Alternative names. On June 25, 2007, police entered Benoit's home in Fayetteville, Georgia when WWE, Benoit's employers, requested a "welfare check" after Benoit missed weekend events without notice, leading to concerns. UPTO 50% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS. Autopsy: The Last Hours Of is a documentary series that reveals the truth behind the controversial deaths of global icons and . Artist. At around 8:30 am on March 10, 1988, Gibb's doctor told him that more tests were needed to determine the cause of his chest pains. Such as French, German, Germany, Portugal, Portuguese, Sweden, Swedish, Spain, Spanish, UK etc Examining over 700 pages of original police reports together with crime scene photographs and video to try and work out who would have wanted Bob Crane dead. The evidence revealed by her autopsy tells a heart-breaking story of hard living and hard luck. Her breast implant-fuelled journey from small town stripper to Playboy pin up, Guess Jeans supermodel and Hollywood movie star captured the public imagination, but it was her marriage to a billionaire 67 years her senior that brought her global notoriety and started her on a downward path that led to her death in a Florida hotel room at the age of just 39. Crime. Steve Jobs was a visionary product designer who revolutionised the computer world with much loved products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad. My studioproducer,Jennifer Harrison,has a full slate ofnewepisodes planned forus inthecoming months including todays shootaboutthe lives and final moments oftwoofHollywoodsgreatest,John WayneandGrace Kelly. @OfficialOPLive. http://www.reelz.com/ Now Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Hunter re-examines Hendrixs death to cut through claim and counter claims and, using the medical evidence, determines precisely how he died. Season 14 is not cancelled or renewed by Reelz yet. In September 1991 the legendary Jazz trumpet player Miles Davis died suddenly after going in to hospital for what he described as a routine tune up. A look into the last days of the legendary Frank Sinatra. Andy was notoriously private, and very little is known about what happened, or the state of his health in the last few years of his life. Steve McQueen was a legendary actor probably best known for his roles in The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven and Bullitt. However, 50 years took its toll on the King of Cool leading to his death. Following her rise to fame in the 1960s Joan Rivers became the undisputed queen of stand-up comedy. The road was quiet, conditions were dry and initial reports suggest that hers was the only car on the road. In a career that spanned almost 70 years, the world fell in love with Griffith as an actor, comedian and recording artist. However, in 1987, Dean Martins life began to unravel, as his alcohol intake spiraled out of control. REELZ makes real life really entertaining. He was just 52 years old. Despite no formal design training, she mocked up her first handbags from tracing paper. Television star John Ritter died at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California on September 11th 2003. In a career spanning four decades, they sold over 220 million records. On March 29th 2016, the world id saddened by the news that American sweetheart, Patty Duke has died. For more than 40 years,Bruce Leessuspicious death has been surrounded with mysterybut a clue in his medical records may have finally revealed the truth about his demise. But his dedication to his craft took a deep toll on the actor, and rumors of addiction and excess followed him throughout his career. More episodes are coming to PodcastOne, Apple Podcasts & Spotify this August including requests like John Wayne, Chris Benoit, John Ritter and Walt Disney. According to the clip, No one wanted to be responsible for the death of Bruce Lee., However, when they found him, it was reported that he was deeply comatoseand not rousable. Dennis was an icon of the silver screen, famed for intense portrayals in twisted maniacs and dark hearted villains. Had she overdosed on drugs? He has been open about his grief from the start. But it was his performance as Sheriff Andy Taylor, in The Andy Griffith Show, that catapulted him into the hearts of Americans everywhere. Renowned for his eccentric stage routines and comedy sketches on the TV show Saturday Night Live he went on to gain international fame playing Latka the goofy mechanic in the 70s sitcom Taxi. She appeared to only experience six weeks of pain, before a biopsy proved her cancer had reached stage IV. On 29th November 2001 amid much secrecy former Beatle George Harrison died after a short battle with lung cancer. World renowned Forensic Pathologist, Dr Michael Hunter needs to analyze every detail in the limited available information to piece together what was really going on in the Disco Divas body to find the answers. But on November 29th, 1981, during what was supposed to be a relaxed weekend sailing trip, 43 year old Natalie was found dead. Now expert pathologist Dr Michael Hunter is re-examining his medical history in order to discover what led him to die of a heart attack at only 51. Widespread disbelief at his death meant conspiracy theories about a possible assassination quickly circulated. He burst to prominence in 1978 in the hit TV sitcom Mork & Mindy and won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting in 1997. Season 2023 Episode 2. Ballard sang on 16 top forty singles with the group, including ten number-one hits. After touring relentlessly, he eventually found mainstream success with a string of Hollywood movie roles and his own primetime TV show. But the coroner wasnt satisfied. But at 3.30pm on July 23rd 2011, she was found dead in the bedroom of her home in Camden, North London. Was it his wild past catching up with him? In the episode, Dr. Michael Hunter uses his death certificate to uncover the reality behind his tragic passing. Martial Arts superstar,Bruce Leedied in Hong Kong under mysterious circumstances at just 32 years old. All rights reserved. Wolfgang had told Howard Stern a month after his dad died that the cancer had eventually come back and spread. Many people know Bruce Lee as the Martial Arts superstar, American actor, director and philosopher. In the new episode "A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being," Mandy (Emily Osment) goes into labor, but . For decades, police have hunted for his killer, but still no-one has been brought to trial. Idolised by millions around the world, Luke never succumbed to his celebrity status. is a registered trademark. GMA Ginger Zee Pulls Out Her Hair On Live TV? Theyincludemasks, hand sanitizerandstrictsocial distancing on the set. Some believe Muhammad Ali fought for too long. In this episode of the popular REELZ series, Hunter digs deep to uncover first-hand accounts of Bono's life and more details about what may have happened to cause him to lose control and crash. Now, over 30 years later, Forensic Pathologist Dr Michael Hunter is taking a fresh look at Marley's medical records and examining eyewitness accounts to finally reveal what really caused the death of this musical icon. A look at what led to the death of half of the musical, brother and sister act The Carpenters. She paved the way for strong, independent women on screen and captured the eras spirit of freedom and optimism. Later on in the visit, Plato revealed that she felt unwell, and took a few doses of painkiller Lortab, along with the muscle-relaxant Soma, and went to lie down inside her Winnebago motor home with Menchaca, which was parked outside the house. Edit. Pathetic and heartless. He died instantly along with his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren. Hunter graduated medical school at Medical University of South Carolina, and later completed residencies at Oregon Health & Science University, Baylor College of Medicine, the Miami-Dade County Office of Medical Examiner. His body paid the price for his knockabout clown image, which centred around elaborate pratfalls, when he suffered a serious back injury in his early thirties which caused a lifetime of chronic pain, and led to an addiction to opioid painkillers. For this reason, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter will use Death Investigation reports, together with first-hand accounts of Sonny's life to try and find the truth. Then, on December 10th, 2005, Richard Pryor dies from a cardiac arrest. Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter pieces together what happened by consulting Owen Hart's autopsy report, the police investigation, and Owen's wife and family. There, after years scraping a living, Luke hit the big time when he landed the role of bad-boy Dylan McKay in the hit teen TV series Beverly Hills 90210. There is much more to learn inAutopsy: The Last Hours ofAndy Griffith onJune 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on REELZ. In the latest episode of the REELZ series Autopsy: The Last Hours of, airing June 13, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter uses death investigation reports to explore what may have caused the accident. And on Sunday, Reelz Channel will air its Landon-focused episode of Autopsy: The Last Hours of, which investigates the proximity of the Little House on the Prairie set to the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, where there was a "partial meltdown of a nuclear reactor" in 1959, according . Dr. Michael Hunter forensically examines Dennis Hopper's dramatic life and discovers the truth could lay in a secret that Dennis kept from the world for over 10 years. Garry Shandling's death at 66 shocked his fans and the show business community and during his career, he garnered over 60 awards or nominations, including Emmys with his self-analytic and self deprecating humor. Gary Coleman soared to success as the diminutive star of classic eighties sit-com, Different strokes. Many speculated that he died of a broken heart and others believed it was his wayward lifestyle that was to blame. All rights reserved. Personal details.