We have been so fortunate to cross paths in this lifetime! You're like an angel, sent down from heaven to make my life better! #23 YourAmazing spirit and kindness andThe comfort of knowing that someone is listening to you has been so important. At Kidadl, we have created lots of family-friendly quotes for everyone! Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. May God give inspiration for what few examples of Large donations may warrant a personal visit or a telephone call. YouYou are worthy of the best. "If truth doesn't set you free, generosity of spirit will. Explore these powerful tools on our website and sign up for free to get started today! Giving. I will treasure such a generous gift and always remember both it and you. Congratulations, and thank you so much for inviting me and for your hospitality and generosity. ", 62. ", 59. ", 10. John Ruskin, Kindness in words creates confidence. I've been in recovery mode for a few weeks and am looking forward to returning to school in the fall. ", 92. No expectations. But then thats just you, isnt it a generous heart and amazing soul. #41 People such as you remind us that kindness exists everywhere. Kindness, Caring, Generosity. #80 Thank you so much [organize a surprise birthday] forPlease. By choosing to donate and helping double the donation, you are also doubling the impact on the lives we support. "My religion is very simple. "The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self.". We strive to recommend the very best things that are suggested by our community and are things we would do ourselves - our aim is to be the trusted friend to parents. "Being at the receiving end of your kindness has made me feel so humble, that I wish someday I can be at the giving end of kindness to others. You are kind and think of others before yourself. #10 ThankYou for seeing my pain andI love you and you are there for me. #53Thank you for showing kindness when I needed it the most. So I'm sending you my best wishes straight from my heart and right up to Heaven.". I treasure you! Thank you for showing me kindness. #3 YouOne of the best! In this case youre doing all the giving and Im doing the taking! It means so much to have someone like you in my corner when times are tough. ", 74. #18 Your kindness has given me the strength to weather this very challenging storm. #40 ThankThank you! - Joseph Joubert. Your encouraging words helped me survive the hardest times of my life. "Money is but one venue for generosity. ", 89. Our free collection of big thank you photos will help you make your recipient feel good and happy. "The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self. ThankYou are so appreciated for your soft and devoted heart. We hope to see you again in the near future. I am expected to have a full recovery, thanks to your generosity. We recognise that not all activities and ideas are appropriate and suitable for all children and families or in all circumstances. Required fields are marked *. ", 2. I know I can be awkward to get gifts for so thank you for really being extra generous with mine! We are enthralled to have you by our side. Sending thank-yous out via email is standard and a necessary way to operate these days. - Steve Maraboli. "Thank you for being so kind, so patient, and so generous. Thank you forBeing an angel for me when I most needed one. #18 YourI have been blessed with the ability to endure this storm thanks to kindness. "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you., 64. You are a true example of what it means to be a really good person and care for your fellow human in this world. He who gives what he would as readily throw away, gives without generosity; for the essence of generosity is in self sacrifice. YouThese are sensational. Thank you so much for your soft and devoted heart. Speaking of finding happiness, check out these inspiring happiness quotes to brighten your day. Thank you for standing beside me whenever I needed a friend. Thank you for being so compassionate and always thinking of others. We thank you for your act of kindness and thoughtfulness. ", 33. #48 Words cannot express how grateful I am for the support you showed my [son]. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you. "All I'm saying is, kindness don't have no boundaries. You are one-of-a-kind. "A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. Thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity. #12 I want you to know how grateful I am for you being a part of my life. We had such a great time. If someone has been kind then let them know you appreciate that kindness and say thanks with these messages. ", 17. #43 YouYou are constantly showing kindness to others. Thanks for your kindness! 6. Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house.let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. ", 7. Its essential to use these quotes as a starting-off point that you can personalize to fit your needs. But in my eyes, you are extraordinary. "Kindness may be blind but it is the most eye-opening feeling one can get. Advertisement. "Make generosity part of your growth strategy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. "Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. #66What a gift to have someone like you in my life. You expect nothing in return and yet you give so generously. Focus on the donor when speaking about the impact, and less so on your organization. Thank you for your donation to my surgery fund. I cant thank you enough. The best part is how I actually wanted it! Thank you so much for being your wonderful self. Thank you for everything. ", 60. Thank you very much for an unexpected but lovely gift! Whoever said it is better to give than receive obviously never met you! 96. #71 YouA heart of pure gold is what you should have andI hope you will treat others as you would like. ", 75. Your gift was a thoughtful and generous gesture. #49 I am so fortunate to have someone like you in my life. People say I am talented, but I would be nowhere without your encouragement and support. "Lifes most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others? Kindness is an even more valuable currency. "Minds, nevertheless, are not conquered by arms, but by love and generosity. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading. Self-sacrifice quotes. At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. We are thrilled youll be attending our event, and we are so grateful for your additional support. Donorbox can help you retain existing donors and bring in new donors with sharp donor management features that keep you and your team organized. ", 78. #76 Thank you for not judging me when I was full of doubts. "That's what I consider true generosity: You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing. See you there!, 18. These are awesome "thank you for your kindness and generosity" quotes that are great for greetings cards and personal notes. Kindness is an even more valuable currency." ~ Alan Cohen. You are a true friend and such a rare and beautiful soul. Thank you. I doubt these words will do justice to the way Im but I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. After an act of kindness do you want to say thank you for your generosity? #1 We are grateful for the unyielding support you've provided for us. These donation thank-you quotes are handy tools for your organization to perfect your thank-you game. "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Your compassion, generosity, and strength have been such a comfort to our family. This multiplies your gift twelve times throughout the year, which means your impact also multiplies by twelve. ThankYou forBeing such a type and caring mentor. Top Useful: 55 'Rise Above' Quotes To Keep You On Your Higher Path, Your email address will not be published. ThankYou forBelieve in me. Henry James, A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a lot of money. #62 YouYou have helped me be a better version myself by being a part of my daily life. Use this collection of generosity quotes to inspire you, my friends! You shouldnt have gone to the trouble of getting me such a generosity gift. The best way to tackle these situations is to utilize some really creative and heartwarming thank you for donation quotes to add to your letters, messages, and emails to donors. When I wasnt sure I would make it, you came andIt helped me get through the most difficult times. Please take a moment to pin this post to Pinterest. My most heartfelt thanks. Thank you for such kindness and compassion. Thank you for all you do. It shouldnt be difficult with the right online donation tool! For this, I want you to know how extremely thankful I am for you, from the bottom of my heart! Lao Tzu, Kindness is the essence of greatness and the fundamental characteristic of the noblest men and women I have known. * 98. We all appreciate your immeasurable support. Your words inspire me to be better and work harder! 4. "It is well with the man who deals generously and lends; who conducts his affairs with justice. Your confidence in me is my biggest motivator.". I wish you the best that life has to offer, now and forever! Mark Twain, A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. I think the only way I can thank you for this is by being a loyal and true friend for you. 4. and I couldnt be more thankful forThat. Thank you. Your compassion, generosity, andOur family has found strength to be such a comfort. Either way, as long as you're sincere, what you say doesn't really matter. My wish forIt is important that you do not stop being you. 2. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. #75 Youve been by my side through ups andReduce andThis made my life much easier. Please note that Kidadl is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. If you have any questions get in contact with one of the team via the about page. Joseph B. Wirthlin, The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey. "Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness." The Dalai Lama XIV " Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity . ", 99. Anyone using the information provided by Kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability if things go wrong. Repeat or recurring donation thank you quotes, 12 Donation Form Best Practices to Inspire Your Online Fundraising, How to Set Up a Nonprofit Donation Page (5-Step Guide), 100+ Best Fundraising Ideas for Everyone (Quick, Unique & Easy) in 2023, How to Choose the Best Nonprofit Donor Management Software, How to Start a Nonprofit Organization [10 Step Guide] | Donorbox. "Be kind to unkind people. Thank you for showing me kindness. #64 Its difficult to believe a person can be as nice and kind as you are. #21 Please accept my appreciation for showing me such immeasurable kindness. Join the 50,000+ nonprofits already raising funds online. ", 22. Thank you so much for everything. You are one of the kindest people in the world and everything you do is to help others. It is always possible.". Thank you so much for being a part of it.". They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver. I truly appreciate it andIt will be a good memory. "You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon . The note should not be overloaded with the text. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self . "We can't go out celebrating today like we used to. Thank you so much. I will always remember you and think of you fondly. Thank for just being amazing. I hope you know this. Thank you for all the generosity and kindness you showed me. Times are tough everywhere right now, but your generous donation provides so much security for families in need. "We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you.". In order to help you find the right words though these thank you for your kindness and generosity messages should help. andKindness. "You give but little when you give of your possessions. #4 Your kind and caring heart have meant so much to me in my time of need. #6 Your kindness is a beacon of light in dark times andLove is a light that guides my way. You have been so kind and never wanted anything in return. #30 ThankYou forThank you for showing me kindness and grace. 4. I cannot thank you enough. "But remember, boy, that a kind act can sometimes be as powerful as a sword. #47 You are an amazing friend, and I appreciate your kindness and unwavering support. Thank you so much for inviting me to your graduation. These messages are just simple ways to say thank you when someone had been generous. The day I couldn't wish you Happy Birthday to your face. You put others before yourself and are a truly kind heartened person. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity throughout our visit to your organization on behalf of the entire team. 3. And it seems that the only thing left for me to say is to thank you all for your kindness. I know that I will never be capable of repaying your infinite kindness. "Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need. I am overwhelmed by just how generous youve been. Thanking to you for your kindness and keeping my faith intact in humanity. Thank You For Your Generosity Notes- Organizational/Company Stand-point. the things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system. #61 You are the kind of [employer] who knows how to motivate a person to do better every day. By joining Kidadl you agree to Kidadls Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receiving marketing communications from Kidadl. Thank you sincerely for being so generous, extraordinary andGood-natured It is a pleasure to have you there forPlease. You are the best friend I've ever had. I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for being so generous, caring, and kind. #35 Although the life of our loved one has come to an end, we know that their memory will live on forever in each of us. If you have ever done something for someone or want to do something for someone, then these generosity quotes and giving quotes are a great way to inspire yourself. Thank you so much for being you. Thank you for your kindness and compassion when I wasn't at my best. I hope you are staying safe and well. I sincerely thank you. Your donation provides so much value to the communities we serve. I won't ever forget your generosity - thank you so much. tags: charity , compassion , friendship , generosity , helping-others. "Money is but one venue for generosity. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love. #74 God orchestrated our meeting because He saw my struggles. You have shown that you are warm-hearted, altruistic and so caring. "God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with. "When times are dark, your kindness and love are a light that guides me through. #2 I appreciate you for caring about me. I feel a very unusual sensation if it is not indigestion, I think it must be Gratitude Benjamin Disraeli. Scott Adams, Kindness is like snow It beautifies everything it covers. "You really know how to bring out the best in us. Your selflessness and the way you put others first is unlike anyone Ive ever met. #43 You are constantly teaching others what kindness is about. #57Thank you for your kind heart, your wise words, and your unconditional friendship. Not only have you patted yourself on the back but you're fishing for others to do the same." Donna Lynn Hope. You are a shining example to all who cross your path. Your compassion, generosity, and strength have been such a comfort to our family." - Unknown. Thank you so much for helping make my day so joyous. You made these hard days more bearable. Thank you for your donation. "I've been searching for ways to heal myself, and I've found that kindness is the best way. "Unless we think of others and do something for them, we miss one of the greatest sources of happiness. Here's a list of 100 'thank you for your kindness' messages andYou can give them quotes to express your gratitude. *Did you know where this originated? Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. Scott Adams, Kindness is like snow It beautifies everything it covers. Kahlil Gibran, Genuine kindness is no ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty. Sylvia Rossetti, KindnessThe language the deaf hears and the blind can see. Mark Twain, A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, andThe roots grow up and make new trees. Amelia Earhart, KindnessA passport opens doors andFashions are friends. Thank you! Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for 'The Telegraph', and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Here are "thank you" Christmas messages and quotes that you can use and come straight from the heart. Thank you for all your kindness and generosity. YouIt really makes a difference in peoples lives. So, use these International Women's Day messages for your wife to make her feel extra special. Your contribution is highly appreciated. #38 ThankYou forYour kindness is a beautiful gift. Thank you, Im so grateful and indebted to everything youve done. #51 I am lucky to have such a thoughtful and supportive friend like you. I thank you very much for your kindness. #1 You didn't have to, butYou did. 5. We will cherish these precious memories forever.". . ", 71. #2 I cant remember meeting such a selfless person like you in my life, with such amazing inner beauty. Use this knowledge to personalize your thank you quotes to them. "Love and kindness are never wasted. Thank you for always being there for me. "No one has ever become poor by giving.". 07 The company ball was a hit and everyone enjoyed it. ", 14. "For it is in giving that we receive. Thank you for the gift! 165 Copy quote. It is always magical when friends meet, you made us forget you were the host of the party. Thank you for being that friend. It was just what I needed. andWhen I needed it most, I found love. You have supported me through the worst times and never faltered. Youre simply the best, andThank you forThank you for your kindness toward me. I wish there was more I could do to show my appreciation than just saying thank you because you deserve it. ", 38. We hope these thank you for your generosity messages have helped you to find the words to say thanks for someones kindness. creative tips and more. We are sure that this will bring about a marked improvement. Similar Posts: 101+ Best Humanity WhatsApp Status That Will Touch Your Heart; 145+ Kindness Quotes That Will Enlighten You; Good Morning Messages: 370+ Professional Wishes to Share ThankYou are so appreciated for being you. #3 You are one of the sweetest and most remarkable friends I have ever had the privilege of knowing. There is no one like you and for that I am so grateful. Its always nice to experience the generosity of others. ", 50. ", 63. #19 Your kindness and compassion towards me will always be a source of amazement. This ensures that you can easily find out details about a particular donor and their donations. "Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. A thank you note is a great way to show your appreciation. Thank you for your supportive and loving heart. ", 56. We are humbled by a donation like yours. Heres a list of 100 thank you for your kindness messages andYou can give them quotes to express your gratitude. Your generous gift is so thoughtful. I can never express how much this means to me. If you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself up to the world by playing your role in the concert. If you liked these generosity quotes, why not check out these thank you mom quotes or thank you quotes for him too? Wishing my brother the best day, week, and year. You have a wonderful heart and are more generous than I deserve. Thank you. "Thank you for your donation. (You can unsubscribe anytime.). ", 73. Thank you so much for being your kind and caring self. Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published. It is such a lovely gesture and want to thank you for thinking of me. "Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness. ThankYou forYour kindness. Read More: thank you for your kindness and generosity quotes. "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.". Because generosity is that thing that has to be selfless in every way and self-serving in no way. Thank you again for your commitment and kindness., 5. Our features are also highly donor-friendly and ensure that the giving process is quick and easy! It means a great deal to me to have someone like you in my life. "Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution. Human generosity is a thing that can never be underestimated. When you buy through the links on our site we may earn a commission. "Minds, nevertheless, are not conquered by arms, but by love and generosity." ~ Baruch Spinoza. It has always seemed strange to me. When someone demonstrates their generosity or kindness its a lovely gesture. Say thanks if youve received a gift with the messages below. Amelia Earhart, Kindness is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. You are the most loyal person I have ever met. They bless the one who accepts them. ", 5. You are one of the most important people in my life. Thank you for being so generous. Thanks! We wanted to extend a special thank you for adding a donation to your ticket purchase. 81. Express Your Thanks. Thank You Cards to Pair with Your Message. #28 Your friendship is a song that fills my soul. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your generosity and for being such an incredible friend. Your donation has already made a huge impact., 8.